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Working Together

A recent survey stated 80% of collectors used personal taste, 39% gut instinct, 47% quality - potential increase in value and curator's or advisor's plan (18%) counted for much less. Statistically consultants should be out of business, yet we remain a strong force in the art world. If you have purchased a painting recently or more than one painting, sculpture, object'd art you are on your way to envisioning yourself as a Collector. What type of a collector or the ultimate expectations you may bring to your collection may surprise you?  

Our specialty is advice. Knowledge is a powerful tool.

Joan Perkes Fine Art provides services to both the private and the corporate sector – including but not limited to - general collecting advice, collection development services, replacement value insurance appraisals, studio visits to pre-selected artists, art fair buying tours, corporate collection development and curated exhibitions.

Contact us if you have a need and we can explore the possibilities together.

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