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Anne Embree


Anne Embree,  Illusion of Separtness, 38 x 56
Illusion of Separateness 38 x 56 oil on paper adhered to Museum Board
Anne Embree, The Way, 38 x 58
The Way  38 x 58  oil on paper adhered to Museum Board

 "I use variations of the animal form to give my paintings composition and structure, as well as universal meaning. For me, animals represent unconditional love. they do not judge, criticize, or try to change us - but instead they accept us for who we are. They provide a link between ourselves and the universe, reminding us of oneness with nature and guiding us to spiritual awareness.
I connect personally with the animals I paint. Each one of them becomes my friend, much the same way horses, dogs and other creatures were my friends as a child and my reason for survival. I see a connection between the way I paint layering and overlapping nature.
I paint in oil on paper because the texture is simplistic while the color remains bright and intuitive. The shape of the animals, the colors and various textures are integrated with systematic alterations between chance and order that is as emotional and instinctive as my
relationship to the universe." Anne Embree


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