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   Harry Georgeson

I’m interested in light and space, which are inseparable – where they touch edges of forms transforming edges into lines.  Illuminating planes and contours to pronounce the structural clarity of my sculpture.

Graduated tonal surfaces evoke associations and emotions ranging from positive to negative, light and dark, soft and hard, heavy and weightless, rough and smooth, attractive and repulsive and numerous other contrasts – from, the stark and moody to the elated.

Using these variables I attempt to conjoin my emotions to various subjects through my handling of materials into a unity of form.

I purpose to model my forms; modifying observational realism, as opposed to naturalism, weaving together both interpretations and sensations into contiguous surfaces.  Actively serving my experiences through the modeling of my varied subjects, encountered daily in my private life and reflected without any affectation of profundity. I do not consciously attempt to create a style.

I seek densities of tonal sensuality without heaviness where highlights contrast with deeper shades allowing for exploration of the tones in between.  Revealing the physiognomy of my subjects, which in turn, reveals aspects of the human condition.  I linger over the sculptural past and shape it with my lived experience – grafting and pruning stems from an ancient root.

I use drawing to hone the improvisations of my intuitions, which I apply to points of concentration and release in the slower latent energies of sculpture making.

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